Data for reproducible research

This page provides links to data, code and instructions to facilitate the reproducibility of some experiments performed and published with colleagues.

On Evaluation Validity in Music Autotagging

To reproduce the experiments from our paper [“On Evaluation Validity in Music Autotagging” F. Gouyon, B. Sturm, J. Oliveira, N. Hespanhol, T. Langlois,, 2014], download this package in one compressed file (contains data, links and instructions).

NB: requires the proprietary software MATLAB.

Additional material:

  • audio files used in the listening test are available here, metadata for these files are available in this pdf file


Revisiting Inter-Genre Similarity

To reproduce experiments from our paper [Sturm Bob L., Gouyon F., Revisiting Inter-Genre Similarity, IEEE Signal Processing Letters, 20(11), pp.1050-1053, November 2013], have a look at Bob Sturm’s repository. (Requires the proprietary software MATLAB)